Free Checklist
Tired of always stressing about choosing what to wear? Mostly wearing same things everyday? You feel like your closet is full of garments, but you still don't know how to create a variety of outfits?
Follow these advices below to help you upgrade your wardrobe and always have more options to wear
  • Keep your closet neat and organized. I recommend doing a closet cleanse at least once a year
  • Have a good choice of basic clothing: items that you wear on a daily basis, simple, minimalistic, with no crazy design, no embellishments, and that's matchable with each other
  • Before going shopping, always create a list of items that are missing from your wardrobe, instead of shopping spontaneously
  • Watch some fashion bloggers or celebrities who's style you like, and get an inspiration to create your own outfits you've never tried before
  • Keep your wardrobe balanced. Have enough of both: tops and bottoms. For each bottom item have at least 3 tops that can go with it
  • Try to keep a majority of your clothing in a similar style. It would help you to simply combine it with each other
  • If having a hard time creating outfits, I recommend to use an app, called "Pinterest" to watch examples of different looks. You can also get help from a professional stylist
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